Friday, 9 March 2012

Technicolour tease

Still not quite out of the paint shop and consequently no further work on the interior. Seems the cold snap created staff sickness despite burning huge quantities of propane keeping the place warm, and adding to the delay. Should be out in a day or so though and worth the wait as these pictures attest, although the colours may be a little different in daylight.

Hatch covers awaiting re-fitting. The one in the foreground is the sliding hatch for the rear cabin.
Trade mark Hudson casting for the rudder stock boss. Rear plate is to mount the stern nav light.

Whilst I was taking photo's the brass pole racks were added and mushroom vents replaced. The paint on the BMC, engine room roof and gunwales is a silk finish to emulate the traditional red oxide. A non-slip surface is added on the gunwales and the green forward part of the roof.

Whilst I was yet again disappointed at the slow progress made, I do have a firm completion date now of the 25th May. Not at liberty to explain any more at this stage, but consoling myself with the fact that I will have the use of the boat during the warmest part of this year.

As I had some time to kill before my train journey, Steve kindly offered me his personal 37 foot tug for a chug up the cut. A brave man I think as this was my first solo trip on a canal, and a narrow one at that. An enjoyable experience but after being spoilt by the wheel steering on my yacht, will need to build up the arm muscles.

Will be visiting more regularly now as I expect the pace of work to creep up again, with discussions needed for the the final fittings particularly the electrics. Hopefully better pictures next time to include the interior nearing completion.


  1. Frustrating progress, but it will be great when it is finished! I like the colours - a little bit different without looking garish.

  2. What a fantastic looking boat - congratulations! The red on the roof above the engine room is exactly the colour I was after to paint my roof (happening any day) do you happen to remember the brand and colour of the paint?