Saturday, 28 January 2012

Paint it red

The boat is already in the paint shop. It seems the previous job finished earlier than expected, so no time was wasted getting Ecky Thump in. Unfortunately this limits my access to the boat I'm told. External fittings are stripped out, with flatting and initial masking nearly completed. A week of dusty work. Don't envy these guys.

Colours have been mulled over, changed, advice taken, samples provided, but we finally have something approaching the original red, green and yellow used on post 1921 Fellows, Morton and Clayton working boats. I say approaching because despite all the research no one seems to know for sure, so am taking an average of opinions commensurate with what pleases me. Having compared my choices with a multitude of restored working boat photo's, Traffic Red , Mid Brunswick Green and Golden Yellow have won the day. The green should be a good match to the Lister green in the engine room. A creamy white will be used for the traditional upper band on the stern and to outline the detail paintwork on the top bend. Paint layout for the cabin sides at least, can be seen in the blog title.

Given the boats early visit to the paint shop I may have delayed my monthly visit, but the train tickets had already been booked. Promising to be on my best behavior and tread carefully, I persuaded Steve to let me have a peek inside.

Tiling in the galley is complete bar grouting and looks great especially now the sink and mixer tap are in place. Pity this area is still in disarray, but not for much longer hopefully.

Tiling in the bathroom is also complete with vanity basin fitted, but awaiting the matt black mixer tap. This rather expensive must have is causing some minor concern as they can't get it apart to tighten connections.
This shower is going to look superb when finished.

The scumbling in the BMC is also complete with the engine room nearly so, and presently being worked on.
Radiators have been installed in the saloon and bedroom and although difficult to see, I suspect a fair amount of plumbing has been completed. I also noted second fit wiring had been started and all light switch box's installed.

Obviously all welding needs to be completed before painting, so I was pleased to see the late addition answer pins had been provided. Also noted was the provision of exhaust flange in the engine room roof panel. 

As I had brought it with me, Steve confirmed the design and positioning of the horn bracket so welding could be completed later that day.

Also discussed was the number and type of electrical fascia's for AC outlets and light switches etc. Vantage Flatplate flush fittings will be used in brushed stainless with black inserts, so a trip to CEF is planned.

Next visit is scheduled for February 28th when it should have emerged resplendent from the paint shop - can't wait. Still a long way to go though so finish date will probably be in May now.

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