Saturday, 24 March 2012

Home stretch

Finally get the chance to see the new paintwork in daylight. Windows and portholes are back in, hatches replaced plus a few extra bits of brassware. The painted pigeon boxes were also spied in one of Steve's storage containers awaiting fitment.

Work can now start in earnest adding fittings such as the diesel water heater, calorifier, stoves, loo and kitchen appliances as the home stretch approaches. Then there are the boat electrics to be hooked up. Five service batteries plus a starter one in the engine room and a further two in the starboard well deck locker for the bow thruster. The DC switch panels have already been built and will include a visible engine start panel and a helm panel by the rear doors as well as the main control panel which will be hidden behind decorated doors in the tall engine room cupboard.

There will also be considerable work hooking up the engine life support systems as well as two alternators. Four tanks need to be accommodated in the engine room. Central heating and engine cooling header tanks, engine oil tank and the gravity feed fuel tank filled by hand pump from the integral main one below. I understand most of this work will be completed last though.

Although I was expecting to discuss the electrical installation at a later date, Martin, Steve's second in command seemed keen to get it sorted now. To this end Tony the electrician had been busy retrieving all the electrical goodies I had dropped off over previous months and laying them out all over the boat. Over two hours were spent with the two of them identifying the components, discussing their layout and how they related to my AC and DC wiring diagrams. Although a few we don't normally do it that way comments were made, it was generally agreed that the electrical installation could be completed to my requirements.

Pleased to see the tile grouting has now been completed, with the mosaics in the bathroom particularly eye catching against the bumpy white tiles.

Glossy BMC and rear of engine room as paintwork preparation continues.

Neat plumbing below galley sink.

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