Friday, 13 April 2012


The electrical installation is now well underway. Living on a boat for twelve years has given me a clear idea of what I need in this area and what works, for me at least. Consequently this electrical fit is well above the one Steve normally provides.

Tony has been busy in the engine room. The service battery box to take five 110 amp hour batteries has been constructed and located to the rear of the engine room. To the front woodwork has been added to support the Combi charger/inverter, a second battery charger, isolators, fuses and shunts. All neatly concealed in the well vented underfloor area, although the Combi will have a remote control sited above the main switch panel.

The engine start battery will be located the other side of the engine room adjacent to the Mikuni diesel water heater. Final decisions have been made on the location of AC and DC electrical outlets, with back boxes being fitted during my latest visit. Where possible, dedicated AC outlets and TV aerial sockets have been hidden in cupboards with just general utility outlets visible using flat Vantage faceplates for sockets and light switches.

All Tony has to do now is wire according to this diagram.
Easily said I know, and this just covers the main wiring features, not the routine cable feeds. I had intended to install the electrics myself but this proved impractical. If Tony's previous work is to be judged though I won't be disappointed.

He has already made a start as this wiring mayhem shows. Hope he's not colour blind. It will all be hooked up to this panel

The control panel for the horn, tunnel and navigation lights has been neatly installed under the ticket draw. The Francis searchlight and Klaxon horn will be relay operated, taking power from the nearby bowthruster batteries. On the opposite side of the rear doors, the bowthruster control panel and marine VHF transceiver will be fitted for easy access from the steering position.

Although the covers for the well deck lockers have been added, little other work has been completed since my last visit. I'm told we are still on track to have a boat that will move under its own steam and look finished before the end of May though.

Next visit will hopefully show the engine installation well under way if not actually running. Then there is a visit to the dry dock to be scheduled for blacking plus fitment of the prop and bowthruster. The artwork, sign writing and detail paintwork will also be completed at this time.

Couldn't resist adding a couple of external photo's, one of the bow showing the sharp pinch at the water line and also the stern showing off the paintwork in the sunlight.

Steve took the arrival of several of my family in his stride, as we had arranged to meet at his yard for a nearby family commitment later that day. It did give them an opportunity for a sneak preview though.

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