Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Well tanked up

A long train journey was broken with a detour via Tamworth to view the latest build progress. The boatman's cabin had received most attention. All the furniture is built and installed with the exception of the bench seat which was being worked on. This includes the bed'ole with fold out door forming the bed base, three large cupboards above plus a wide shallow draw below.

The very robust fold down table with the crumb draw below.

By the rear doors the storage shelves and slots each side plus of course the authentic ticket draw used in the past to store documentation for loads carried. Some thought will have to go into the placement of bowthruster, tunnel lamp and horn controls in this area although the panel is already made. A compact marine VHF unit also needs to be accommodated, but that will be on the opposite side of the doors.

A little extra work had taken place in the galley. The washing machine cupboard had been fleshed out with a large solid cutlery draw above. It really needs the L shaped worksurface adding to better see the layout. We discussed and agreed the placement of the small semi-circular folding breakfast table on the opposite side of the galley. I had intended that this would line up with the galley double doors, but it seems the worksurface is a little longer than planned with a lesser radius possible on the edge. This is a knock on effect of the thickness of wood used. Its easy to think in terms of house fittings, but of course a boat requires more solid construction and Steve doesn't seem to skimp in this area. In any case an offset of five inches placed the table with space for a couple of stools and the front edge in line with the opening doors to still allow al-fresco breakfasts.

Supply and fitting of an all black Shoreline 100 litre fridge was discussed, a little larger than planned and matching the black microwave/grill I've already purchased. This in turn to match the charcoal/brushed stainless theme of the galley as a whole.

It seems all the cupboard doors have been made. I saw a stack of various shapes and sizes in the galley. The solid wood relief is mated to a thick plywood backing.

Finally the two stainless tanks have been fitted. The water tank of 128 gallons situated under the well deck was already plumbed with filler and exit with valve. A little disappointed that this fell short of the 140 gallons promised, but won't shed any tears over it. Some small amount of water plumbing has been added in the galley as well. The large poop tank was fitted in the bathroom and when boxed in will provide a step down from the engine room with a further step down to the main bathroom floor. The loo will sit conveniently on top of tank.

I think next time I visit the woodwork will look much more complete and recognisable. Dotted around the boat were the frameworks for both front saloon cupboards and the one overhead cupboard. A second overhead cupboard was spotted destined for the bathroom I believe, plus the front of the engine room cupboard, all waiting to be fitted.

Work will now continue from back to front. After completion of the boatman's cabin the engine room cupboard will be built to house electrical switchgear. The bathroom will be next with quadrant shower already on order. Completion of woodwork expected in about six weeks.

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