Saturday, 22 October 2011

Taking shape

I guess everyone having a boat built goes through the frustration of waiting for the fit-out to be completed. Even when its proceeding at normal pace it still seems to take forever to get from one stage to the next. Certainly the woodwork fit is the longest with almost every part being custom made. My now monthly visit to Ecky Thump revealed through a thick layer of sawdust, the end of this stage at last in sight though.

Starting from the front this time. The saloon corner cupboards have been completed with a single matching overhead one to port. The starboard side area is reserved for a TV on an articulated mount so it folds out of the way. Phil, the carpenter assigned to my boat, was completing the shelf over the radiator in this area which, save cupboard doors and some trim, is complete. His work area inevitably getting smaller.

The galley looks more recognisable now with worksurface and cut-outs awaiting sink and gas hob. I noted the gas pipe has been run from the bow storage area as well.

Fridge, Oven and Microwave stack awaiting appliances to left. Cutlery draw to right.

No further work on the essentially complete bedroom but Phil had been very busy in the compact walk through bathroom. The quadrant shower tray is fitted and plumbed. A low cupboard to fill the gap between cabin side tapering to open towel shelves to the ceiling.

Unfortunately the position of the porthole precluded the planned corner facing vanity basin worksurface/cupboard. It was decided that a plain corner unit would sit simply on top of the now boxed in poop tank with a shallow overhead cupboard over the loo, leaving plenty of room for a mirror above the basin.

The engine room has the floor to ceiling utility cupboard fitted, another Hudson trade mark. The upper door hides the DC control and monitor panels, the lower AC switchgear with the external engine panel in between. Note that even this room receives beautiful wood mouldings ready to be scumbled, with the cabinet receiving traditional decoration of roses, castles etc. Bottom left can be seen the ceiling trim ready to fit below pigeon box.

The boatman's cabin (BMC) is probably the area with the greatest concentration of woodwork given its compactness. Pleased to report its essentially completed with all cupboard doors fitted. The larger one folds down to rest horizontally on the settee support opposite. The mattress within can then be unfolded from the bed'ole. This will be Ecky Thump's guest bed.

The steel rear doors have received their wood inner lining with matching trim each side. Note beautiful hardwood step with another to follow below. Also mouldings to the left and original style cupboards, shelves and drawers all completed.

Completion of woodwork is expected in about three weeks. The porthole trims are fitted at a later stage after painting. I understand all doors are made though and ready to be fitted. After that varnishing will start followed by tiling, so a trip to the the local Topps Tiles is scheduled.

Steve has updated the finish date to February now with the best part of a month in the paint shop during January. I'm assured he can get a nice fug going in there. Can't wait to see the progress next month.

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