Saturday, 3 September 2011

Steaming ahead

Returning from a family wedding on 2nd September, we routed via Tamworth to view the build progress. Arriving during the lunch break in a car loaded with everything including the kitchen sink, we had an excellent photo opportunity without tripping over workmen.

We had previously been told that the woodwork had started in the bedroom, but were pleased to see it almost complete including the requested slatted bed base, only requiring cupboard doors, a shelf between side cupboards and the porthole lining.

Wardrobe and dressing table with overhead cupboard which will include a downlighter. The shallow table will have a fold out section to accommodate a laptop.

Although we had recent phone discussions on the galley layout, we were again surprised to find the woodwork nearing completion. I guess I'm definitely paying Steve too promptly. The partial bulkhead from saloon can be seen in the foreground with overhead and under worksurface cupboards. To the rear is the fridge/freezer, oven and microwave stack. Still awaiting the worksurface of course. We were advised to reverse the planned orientation of the kitchen sink so the integral draining board would work given the boats slope down from bow to stern.

To the left of picture the space for a compact washing machine can be seen. It will be completely hidden behind a door, with gas hob recessed into the worksurface above. Between the two will be a cutlery draw. There is a small semi-circular fold-down breakfast table to be added on the opposite side of the galley in front of the opening doors.
Compact saloon awaiting cupboards and main fold down table. A stove will be fitted just the other side of the galley bulkhead on the right. Corner cupboards will be added each side of the front doors.
Bare boatman's cabin now with floor. Furniture is being completed and will be fitted soon. We also found the non-slip engine room flooring had been completed with large access cut-outs to the under floor equipment on both sides. Just a tall corner cupboard to be fitted there to accommodate the DC and AC electrical switchgear.

In all excellent progress considering the two week break Steve and his staff have mid summer. From now on I will be visiting regularly every three weeks or so to monitor the fit and discuss the inevitable issues that arise.

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