Saturday, 19 November 2011

A sticky situation

Well as the title suggests my latest arrival at Steve Hudson's yard coincided with the first coat of varnish being applied. Tiles, shower fittings, TV mount and a microwave were first unloaded from the car before a progress photo shoot. This was thankfully managed without getting stuck to the furniture. The saloon and galley had already received the first coat and the bedroom was next.

The pace of work seems to have slowed a little but I guess the finishing touches to the woodwork can take a while. Filling trim between cabin sides, ceiling and floor has now been added throughout as have the interior doors. Seen here the base for the BMC stove together with surrounding molded trim.

In the engine room, couldn't resist taking the tarpaulin off the engine for a photo. A very neat although larger than anticipated box step has been constructed to protect the top of the gearbox, interfacing with the double doors from the BMC. The price I have to pay I guess for having a minimal length engine room. Box can just be seen at the bottom of both photo's. The engine looks very comfortable in its near complete 'ole. Some thought will have to be given to shoehorning in the second alternator between engine and cabinet though, given the tight space.

Just doors and trim have been added in the bathroom pending tiling, but the bedroom now has a substantial shelf over where the radiator will be sited. The fold out dressing table extension has been added although seems to be waiting some form of support. This is to accommodate my laptop. The overhead cupboard now fitted will incorporate downlighters. Finally there is now a the shelf between side cupboards over the porthole matching the one in the galley, as can be seen below.

Slightly distorted image of the bedroom taken with a fish-eye lens. The folding saloon table and support can be seen on the bed, awaiting fitting after varnishing of cabin sides is complete.

Seen here is the neat folding semi-circular galley breakfast table, one and a half inches in thickness! The now wood trimmed doors will have glass panels that fold in from the cabin sides to create a window when its a little chilly. We plan to have two stools at the table, but will have to find storage for them when not in use.

Saloon doors now have their wood inner cladding. This will be later painted and decorated with roses and castles as will the galley and rear doors. The shelf above the radiator can be seen lower left, matching the one in the bedroom. Note how the American oak has taken on a lovely glow after only one coat of varnish.

The saloon stove base has been created with heat proof material lining the area above ready for tiling. I know there has been a recent change in the safety regs for installing them which may account for this. Note also the chimney collar surround in the roof above.

Steve seemed enthusiastic when I showed him the Klaxon horn and soon had a template made up for a suitable support bracket to be welded to the lamp mounting. We also discussed mounting the articulated TV bracket I had bought, on the cabin side. It will allow the TV to fold flush when not in use, although the tumblehome of the cabin sides will need to be accounted for so its level when in viewing position.

Paint scheme was discussed and it seems that there is one boat ahead of mine to go through the paint shop. This after the present one leaves. This will probably mean the projected finish date is put back to March. Also discussed was the tiling patterns but expect to be able to see the results when I next visit just before Christmas.

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